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About us

We take care of your

time-consuming tasks so that

you can focus on the core business

Fortis was founded in 2015 and has since grown into a reputable outsourcing service. We have a solid background and a wide range of expertise. Our services include sales, appointment booking, customer service, and other administrative tasks. We operate in various sectors such as digital marketing, recruitment, real estate and solar energy. We continuously strive to enhance and expand the capabilities of our services to facilitate our clients’ needs.

With approximately 100 experienced sales representatives, the majority of whom are seasoned professionals with extensive work experience and knowledge spanning multiple industries, we have the right capabilities to take on various types of assignments. We place great importance on comprehensive training to ensure that our employees can serve as excellent representatives of your company in every customer interaction. Our goal and focus are to strive for the perfect balance between high quality and high pace.

How do we succeed?

We believe in our employees

With staff ranging from 25 to 65 years old, we have the diversity and knowledge to succeed in any task we undertake.


Of all those who try us, continue to hire us


Different business areas


Documented skilled sales representatives


With staff spread across the globe, we have the ability to offer our services around the clock, ensuring that we are always available for you or your customers.


We work both cost and time efficiently, with the highest quality as our guiding principle. By outsourcing your appointment booking, your sales representatives can spend less time on the phone and more time on client visits. More sales meetings lead to more deals. Therefore, you should see our costs as a pure investment that yields even greater returns for you.


We are specialists in what we do and have worked with sales and appointment booking for both small businesses and industry giants. We contribute with new ideas and perspectives on how your sales should be conducted to achieve the desired level.

Are you considering outsourcing part of your company?