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Services for real estate agents

At Fortis, we have been in the sales industry for a long time and have gained extensive and insightful experience in how appointment booking should be conducted to achieve the best results. One of our areas of expertise is booking meetings for real estate agents with individuals considering selling their homes.

Among our clients are real estate agencies from most major Swedish real estate chains as well as several independent real estate agents. For instance, we are the only recommended booking company for Skandiamäklarna.

Does your agency need help booking meetings or are you looking for another service? Contact us!

mötesbokning för mäklarbyråer

The real estate agents right hand

Let your staff unleash their full potential. We'll generate call lists and handle the time-consuming process of contacting potential new clients so your real estate agents can spend less time on the phone and more time out on client visits.

More sales meetings lead to more deals, so you should see our costs as a pure investment that yields even more in return!

We can also assist with other administrative tasks, such as contacting existing clients and following up with customers who have attended viewings, etc.


Why hire us?

We engage in constructive dialogue with homeowners to determine if there are conditions for selling, and we only book meetings with homeowners who indicate that they are considering selling within a maximum of one year.

We excel at identifying homeowners who are planning to sell at an early stage, giving you a significant opportunity to be the first on the scene and also have a good chance of securing agreements for the property. Additionally, we only charge per completed meeting. No other costs are incurred.

We believe in long-term partnerships and work exclusively, meaning we only work for one real estate agency per geographic area. Therefore, our booked meetings are exclusively for you.

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