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Professional Appointment Booking & Sales

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Do you have goals like increased turnover or a more efficient sales department? We assist you with appointment booking and sales so that you can focus on what you do best!

We assist you with appointment booking and sales!

Since 2015, at Fortis, we’ve been working on telecommunications outsourcing, aiming to be a support and a helping hand for companies that lack the expertise or resources to manage it on their own. We’re prepared to handle all sorts of tasks to make your work as easy as possible. Our goal is for your employees to keep focusing on your company’s core operations while we take over the burdensome, time-consuming tasks that we excel at.

Fortis specializes in various areas such as sales, appointment scheduling, and other administrative tasks. No matter the size of your company, Fortis is at your service and ready to assist.

Can’t find the outsourcing service you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll find solutions for almost anything!

mötesbokning och försäljning i sverige

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Sales or appointment booking? B2B or B2C? - We assist you!

Fortis is an outsourcing company that has chosen to specialize primarily in appointment booking and sales. We have broad experience across various industries and are accustomed to working with both B2B and B2C projects. While our primary focus is on the Nordic market, we also handle projects in other parts of the world, including the USA.

When we take on a project, we always approach it with the mindset that it should be a long and successful collaboration benefiting both parties. Therefore, we establish a clear structure right from the start.

Together with you, we define your target audience. We then acquire contact information and proceed to reach out to your target audience. We maintain transparency and follow up with clear result reports, as well as sharing audio files and other relevant materials. We believe that communication is key to a successful partnership.


With professional sales techniques, we can help increase your company’s sales and achieve greater profits. All our sales representatives are qualified and have extensive experience in professional sales, with most falling within the age range of 25 to 55 years.

Appointment Booking

We assist your company in booking as many relevant meetings as possible to increase the number of sales opportunities. With our expertise, your company can boost the number of scheduled meetings while your staff can focus on core business activities.

Services for real estate agents

Does your agency need help booking meetings? One of our specialty areas is booking meetings for real estate agents with individuals considering selling their homes.

Our Team

You can find Fortis' headquarters in Malta, where we have been based since the beginning. Approximately 25 employees work at the headquarters, serving as the central hub of our organization. Here, you'll find management, recruitment, finance, project management departments, and more. We recognized the advantages of remote work early on, and as a result, virtually all of our sales representatives work remotely. They are dispersed across various parts of the world, including Spain, Mexico, and the Philippines. For all our projects, we utilize sales representatives who have the same native language as the country where your target audience resides.

“We have found Fortis to be a reliable partner. They are attentive and deliver quality meetings, which has been valuable for our organization.”

Kristoffer PalmlundRegional Manager, Assemblin Solar
Group CEO

Andreas Blom

Andreas flög in till Malta för 10 år sedan och påbörjade byggandet av det som idag är Fortis. Med ett entreprenörskap fyllt av internationell anda och vision så svävar Fortis framåt efter nya affärsmöjligheter och nytänkande projekt. Fritiden spenderar Andreas med en god bit mat på någon spännande restaurang samt umgås med familj och goda vänner.

Group COO

Victor Roos

Victor är inflyttad till Malta från goa Göteborg. Med sig har han många års erfarenhet från ledarskap, affärsutveckling, tillväxt och försäljning. Fritiden spenderar han helst med sin familj och goda vänner, gärna på stranden, i eller på havet.


Josephine Edman

Jobbar som COO och ansvarar över Fortis många projekt. Tog ett smart beslut i början av 2018 att lämna Sveriges regnigaste stad Borås och flytta till den trevliga medelhavsön Malta. Lägger en del tid på olika träningsformer som gym, padel och hot yoga. Lediga dagar spenderas gärna vid havet eller på en trevlig beach club med ett glas bubbel i handen.

Account Executive

Emil Sirland

Född och uppvuxen på Sveriges vackraste ö, Gotland, men har de senaste 20 åren bott i Stockholm. Emil har tidigare arbetat inom träningsbranschen som verksamhetschef och senare affärsutvecklare, men de senaste åren har han spenderat som försäljningschef i olika projekt och branscher. Under gymnasiet gick Emil ishockeygymnasium och det brinnande intresset för hockey lever kvar än idag.

Project Manager

Simon Nilsson

Simon valde att ta steget från Avenyn till Malta för att göra det han är proffs på, att koordinera och projektleda tillsammans med ledningsgruppen för att nå storslagna höjder. Vill man snacka topplistan på Netflix, märkliga bidrag i Eurovision eller bara komma förbi på gött tjöt så står dörren alltid öppen.

Favoritgodis: Maltesers

Why outsource appointment booking & sales?

Outsourcing parts of your operations such as appointment booking or sales can be a smooth way to develop your company to become more profitable. With professional assistance, you can both reduce costs and increase the quality of work.

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What our clients say

We have achieved very good sales results during our collaboration with Fortis. We work closely together, and something we really appreciate is the flexibility and scalability that Fortis offers. They are professional, innovative, and always deliver high quality in both sales and project management.

Emanuel BarmasiMarketing Manager, OPR-Finance AB

We are very pleased with the long-term partnership we have with Fortis, and we appreciate their ability to provide variation and professional support.

Simon CederholmCEO, ProServe

Pinetree has had a close partnership with Fortis for several years. With high flexibility, expertise, and customer focus, Fortis delivers great value for us at Pinetree. The combination of motivated employees, high service levels, and a focus on quality results makes us happy to recommend Fortis to other companies in need of assistance with communication and marketing.

Daniel WrénSenior Partner, Pinetree

Our collaboration with Fortis has led us to increase our turnover, results, and number of customers. This, in turn, has allowed us to hire and grow as a company earlier than planned.

You are always easy to reach, the collaboration is smooth, quick to make changes, always kept promises, and delivered beyond expectations.

Jesper Andersson & Troy HildingHead Of Digital Marketing & Co-Founder, CEO & Co-Founder, Marknadsföringsbyrån

We are delighted when we attend meetings and hear that the initial contact with our sales representative has made a positive first impression. It becomes gratifying to continue the business dialogue when it has had a good start.

Stefan WinterlénCEO, 3bits